Fixed orthodontics

woman teeth and smile. Close up,half with braces

For orthodontic treatment in Montreal, the center can advise Tesolin Damon boxes 3. They will provide you a perfect dental aesthetics. Discover the features and benefits of these boxes.

1. A combination of clear material and stainless steel provides the aesthetics your patients will love.

2. Remarkably easy-to-use slide mechanism makes wire changes a snap.

3. Ultra-smooth contours and rounded edges provide maxium comfort.

4. Slot with four solid walls facilitates fast low-friction tooth movement with maximum control.

5. High-retention mechanical bonding base assures strong, reliable bonding.

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It’s not a race, but it’s sure nice to be ahead of the pack.

Imagine trying to drive down the road with your brakes on. That’s what it’s like when wires are held in with ligature ties. Remove the ligatures and suddenly things start moving faster and with less force. That’s what passive self-ligation is all about – low-friction, low-force orthodontics in a SYSTEM that delivers performance and control.


Looking good is what it’s all about.

With the combination of a new generation of clear composite resin and surgical-grade stainless steel, Damon 3 brackets provide an aesthetic quality that your patients will love. We know that while clinical performance is paramount, aesthetics will always play a leading role. With the all-new Damon 3, performance has never looked so good.


It’s at the click of a button.

Damon 3 brackets feature a brand new precision slide mechanism that is quite simply, amazingly easy to use. To open, just press the slide-release button with a tiny bit of pressure, and voila! To close, simple finger pressure is all it takes, and an audible click confirms the slot is closed. Wire changes go from being a struggle to being a snap.


You should feel good about both.

Damon 3 brackets feature ultra-smooth contours and ergonomics unlike any other orthodontic appliance. With the combination of geometries that “sweep away” food and the absence of debris-attracting ligatures, Damon 3 brackets may be the cleanest and most comfortable brackets ever designed. Some may see these features as small refinements; we consider them as quality attributes you’ve come to expect from Ormco.


Nothing beats four solid walls.

The unique design of Damon brackets provides you with the only brackets in the world with four solid walls. With no elastic ligatures to fatigue or springs that bend, control is assured – tooth to tooth and case to case. Torque, rotations, in-out discrepancies, closing spaces, it’s all on track with Damon 3.


The all-new Damon 3 is much more than just a beautiful, well-functioning self-ligating bracket. It’s about the combination of passive self-ligating brackets, hi-tech archwires, and a minimally invasive/greatly simplified treatment protocol. Working in concert, these three elements provide the conduit to the Damon low-friction, low-force orthodontic system that has been clinically proven to provide remarkable advantages over traditional orthodontic approaches.

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