Dental bone graft and bone regeneration

When teeth are lost, sometimes the bone around them is lost as well. If so this may need to be built back if implants are to be placed. There are various types of bone augmentation that may be required in different situations, and if you need one of these we will explain to you why and how this is carried out. Not everyone needs this as part of their treatment, in fact most implant treatments don’t, but where there is a lack of bone all of our surgeons are extremely well-trained for this type of specialized procedure.

Bone Augmentation

This is carried out at the time of implant placement, and you will be unaware of the procedure apart from taking a few more minutes of surgery time. Bone is added around the implant where there are small deficiencies in your own bone. This will help to maintain the look of the implant crown where it comes out of the gum. There are various material options to use for this technique, and we have chosen our favored materials following careful research. We will explain what the material is and why it should be used in the cases where it is required. Some of the materials used have animal derivatives – however if you would like us to use man-made alternatives we will be pleased to offer this.

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