Root canal treatment

The inside of a tooth can become infected when that tooth incurs injury, like a deep cavity or crack. Infection creates pressure and pain. At this point, you can have the tooth removed or, in some cases, the tooth can be saved from extraction with root canal therapy.

Inside each of your teeth are canals that house a nerve, also called the pulp of the tooth. This nerve carries nutrients to the tooth and removes waste, sustaining life. When the nerve becomes infected, it will die, as will the tooth. However, the tooth might be salvageable.

In some situations, root canal therapy will allow a patient to keep a non-living tooth. The procedure involves removing the infection that causes your pain by taking out the tooth’s pulp. A manmade material replaces the pulp. By leaving the tooth in place, you will not have to worry about replacement or disrupting your bite (occlusion).

Root canal therapy can often be completed in one visit. The dentist will administer anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Most patients find intense relief after the internal tooth infection is removed. The conservative procedure is preferred to extraction.


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